Monday, July 28, 2008

.: wHy iT haPpeNed LasT NitE:. sorry about last nite..
i should have not listen to my heart..
if i could turn back time i might have hold u tight..

i know its your birthday..
i cant be so mean that i want u away..
but it's much hurting when i heard wat u say..
is it really that there's no more love to stay..

abie..i hope u can listen my heart..
its so painful so that i cried..
i hope you take back your word last nite..
because when u say u dont love me...i know u lied..

even i started the end story..
i tot u might come back n find me..
but i didnt see that happened yet..
maybe you have started to forget..

i listened to our song everyday..
hoping that if u listened to them you'll always remember..
i dont love u for anything else but just the truly you..