Friday, March 27, 2009

.: i'M sOoOoO fuLL oF aTteNtIoN LaTeLy :.

today the day is so exhausting.. a lots of tasks i was handling..yet no ringing from my hand hone..
yaww!! suddenly when i opened my blog i was surprised..thousand of ppls are having fun n have highlighted my!!
thanks for your least u read my blog!!
even some might not really invited but dats fine..
tapi some might just dont read the whole thing in here..
u dont catch up with the message that i wrote..but thats fine..maybe ure not been taught to do so. i dont blame u all if ure blind..
i was blind too last time.. n now i've gotten the light..*wink* all the best to all!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

.: wAt i eXpEcTeD jUsT hApPeNeD :.

credits to me..i could be a fortune teller..sighfirst of all let me congratulate my ex boyfried..he engaged wit the girl.lucky her, she dont need longer time to be evaluated.after all, i bet she'd be spending days showing off this greatest achievement she ever had..

do i sound jealousy?OMG i do jealous at first but after seeing her annoying reaction i dont simply care..up to her.maybe she's never been this happy til she could simply said im grudging over her status in gtalk. girl, ure funny!! come on la.. u just gotten wat i already have since 7 years back..

i might be sad n i admit dat..but i dont feel just too bz hanging on to my career.i have an organization to handle and thats even simpler that to think of abie n his over reacted gf..i dont feel odd about my age and marriage institution is optional for me. so if u wrote something like "jeles la tu"..damn, it dont cost me a cent girl..

i seldom give bad comments to peoples n trust me..if any of u read this. do something about it.i dunno its either abie or her girl.i have 7 years of experimenting n being experimented to. so if u..i mean "rina miss wat so ever" read this..please fix your attitude.

by the way..lets get back to the subject.i just went to the washroom n i saw this reminder "keep the toilet clean and flush after use" well thats simply applied to life i guess. after all those suck we had in life..there'll b a point where we need to flush them off..flush n blush ..LOL!!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

.: mY 1st dAy aT "pAs*****:.

ups...its sure not pas like the political party..its the company name that i worked with...but for some security purpose i can just reveal the first 3 letters hehehe..

ok la working here..maybe because i was appointed for a higher position so nothing much about the staff that stressed me out but the responsibility is quite big..

was i do here is basically as the admin within this 3 months of probation period i need to perform well..the office environment is quite good..the staff are warm..but maybe the working style here..dats wat my boss said need to be fixed.

DD has found his new house to rent..owh for the sake of me. hehehe...then thats goos la..he can look after me and i can look after him too..i love u DD..hopefully DD will start the project with Robin do we all the "not so mentangau" group will live happily ever after..huhuhu

owh back to the office story..i have lots of works to do..i mean admin works..i need to prepare new format of forms..and the company structure..well, it does sounds big but wit the GM whos is actually my goood friend we'll try to do it. wat most important is i need to perform..besides, admin is the simplest job i think.. :p

All the best to DD, Edy , Maya, Irfan, Hasz, Alya n me..!!! *wink wink wink* (sakit mata ke hape?hahahha)

Thursday, March 05, 2009

.: nEw "filled boring hours" aCtiViTieS:.

it looks like DD is having fun being the part time non-recognized model for "dunno when to publish" magazine that is owned by Alang.

see these funny n total ugly n super charming of my boyfriend???hakhakhak

and in the frame hehehe..