Thursday, April 30, 2009

.: yEaH CiK bY..u'Re RiTe :.

i read my gud friend's blog..what i could quote and share in here is
"Aku rase kesimpulannya setiap manusia ade kekurangan n setiap manusia ade kelebihan" itulah kesimpulan yg byzura cakap..
i agree, tapi mulut manusia mane boleh lari kan cik by..

Monday, April 20, 2009

.: iM LiVinG mY liFe :.

yesterday when i was driving home i've been thinking much about my life.i have tune few things that have not been tuning right lately. so wat i did today is, i deleted all the rubbish in my blog.those who keeps following knows..n i know who'd been stalking my blog n leaving bad or good things. thats fine, i know i have given u the right to write but unfortunately ure not given brain to think. that stupidity really has messing my page where i think u need to have your own blog n write wat u want and get rid of your fucking self from my blog!!

yes, i have sound a bit out..i dont usually goes this the way, to my all good friends thanks for your support.

owh about me..i havent updated my blog for so long.i've been bz with my probation period.since its called probation, i need to show somehow the best i can give to the company i worked with. and when its bz means its no time to go blogging(yeah i go online just at the office).but i have good news, i might be having a convenience way to online soon.and i promise to keep everyone including the stalkers to be updated. i bet u wanna know much interesting thing happened to me..sigh

when it comes to love life..its great as usual.DD is now closer to me means i can see him almost everyday.Yess!! He is doing good with his 2 igu..owh i forgot to update about the igus...actually last time we got another baby igu.Thanks to Mr Farid the exotic animal lover, he gave us Shalo..a healthy macho baby igu.DD gives him dat name which in english it means PIMP.WTF??hahhaha

And then Mr Farid gave us another 3 igus,1 adult and 2 babies.But then the adult is dying from stress.pity her..she's not well.Since we cant manage too many igus because everytime they see each other they will go like bowing their head (which in igu language means "nak gaduh ke bro?") we hand the 2 new igus to Abang Ismail.The reptile lover who have a stall at UpTown Kota Dmansara.

owh i finally moved to SUnway n now staying at SuriaMas COndominium. its just a walking distance to my office.i was renting the highest level. so from my room i can directly see the office and mentari courts. housemates are great. they cook well too..

about else things that goes in paralelly in my life is a new business that i've been planning.when it started i will announce it here. Now its still under loan applying phase. wish me good undertaking!!

then wat else i missed ya???hmmmm i dunno.later i'll update my friendes and haters.dun worry ..u'll have things to concern or things to complaint about me.but before that..please get a life!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

.: hApPy bIrThDaY pRinCesS :.

after some good feel mood and exhausted body its time to celebrate my sister's birthday.
so as been promised i bought her a small cake. just enough for 5 of us..

so happy birthday adikku!!