Tuesday, April 26, 2011

.: thErE R a LoTs tO TeLL...:.

see the title...a lots..i mean it!!
okay, since i easily forgot things..lets do the show and tell first..
collected from the albums...the picture of some events happening for the last 4 months..

started with yesterday's nite..i made a supper snack for daddy..i called it "wonder mummy rolls royce" hahhahah

here it is:

okeh suami kenyang perut, saya suka hati..
maka boleh cerita hal2 lain pulak..hehhehe

ok, on 9th April we went to the free concert at KLCC

:: ini MRD yang selalu poyo nak posse sorang2..cover album kata beliau ::

:: the newly weds::

:: the half crowds ::

:: the clowns ::

::cinta 3 segi dengan clown betina::

::clown poyo::

::DJ ape ntah nama beliau::

::colby o'donnis::

::ini pulak kegilaan sang suami-Joe Flizzow..sian sayang tak dpt tgk kasut pe dia pakai arini::

::the full crowd ::

::time ni aku nak pi toilet..tgh lepak luar ada abang najib n kak rosmahku rupenye..hihihi ::


Thursday, April 14, 2011

.: tHe NeW SeGmEnT iN My LiFe HaS JusT StaRtEd :.

this entry is special..it is written by me at our home..
OUR refers to me and my hubby..
its more than a month now we're married and im just super fun happy and blessed

the feeling is indescribable..
when ure at work..u just cant wait to go home..being together again..
with hope the time stop when being hugged by him
its different from before..its much more "attached"- as i'd like to describe..

so this is the new start..im writing back holding a new status
a mrs to my handsome man

im back guys!!!
im puan baby now!!!