Friday, July 31, 2009

.: mOoD LaRi! :.

thinking of my several hours to go for my long journey, i'm sooo excited!!
sampai mood jadi tak menentu..
lucky i have bear in mind about a few things to be settled before i go for leave..hehehe
this morning i bought nasi lemak for all my admin peoples.. belanja makan ari jumaat
kan afdhal..bersedekah..
so i hope with their prayers i go and come back safely..amin!
pulau!! tunggu aku di sana!!
p/s-kalau teringat aku bawak buah tangan..kalo lupa aku bawak buah hati ok!!! LOL!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

.: i LiKe iT dAt Way :.

i'm running through my blog..
yeah, a few topics has been deleted due to unnecessity issue
when i said necessity..a few topic shall remain forever
there will be time when i sorted back my blog i just want to know how great life treating me
even though i realize elusiveness is there..
my heart is so defenseless..
i think i deserve a better tidbits
mode: in a blue funk

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

.: i'M iN a TiZzY mOdE!!! :.

me and my mollycoddle DD is planning going for a thrillful and get a charge out of an awesome journey somewhere out of Klang Valley! (fuhh! dats long)
owh lama nye tak g sun-bathing (i will get skin color of Mariah pasni..jgn jeles)
Historical places..just the fine same interest as my DD!! and

soooo my checklists are:
  • map? (checked)
  • clothes (adakah termasuk swimsuit n bikkini??LOL-not yet)
  • sunglass (2 style-checked)
  • sunscreen protection (belom beli)
  • kasut?? (urgh thongs sudah enuff-checked)
  • credit cards (checked)
  • camera (checked)
  • places of interest list (checked)
  • duit to spend (not yet-gaji tomorrow)
  • car service (checked)
  • accomodation (sampai baru cari)
  • mental...WTF???hahaha (checked)
  • physical (tentulah cemerlang!-checked) i wont be around to update this blog in another 2 3 days..
but i'll bring the moments here soon!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

.: JaLaN LaRuT MalaM:.

i went back a bit late yesterday..around 8 pm..
lots of works to be done..
so i slept early because DD has reminded me that midnite we need to go to uptown..
some underground business need to be sttled down hehehe
so at 11:00 DD rang me...urggghh!! a wake up call!
got ready and OMFG when i reached his house, he's still asleep..
ngok ngek akkkkkakkk sgt marah!!!
bong beng bong beng around 12:10 we went to uptown..
sgt i ate some satay n nasi..(aku lupe aku nak diet ahaks)
lantakla asalkan aku bahagia hehehe
after that we went back...pas jalan2 sket cuci mata..
dats all wat i did last nite.
and a few snap before we went out..!

::aku cekik dia sebab tak siap2::

:: khusuk membelek anaknye::

:: still obsessed with ownself ::

Monday, July 27, 2009

.: MaRaH?? bWeKkK...!:.

arini DD marah aku sebab aku ada bf lain...
hakhak sangat lawak tuduhan anda..
sooo sebagai balasan nye..
ko buat crystal report sendiri!aku tanak tolong ko...
padan muka!!

.: HaLf FuN dAy LaGi:.

entry ni boring..xyah baca pun xpe..hehehhe
saturday's mode- stress..
keje sgt banyak..due date dah dekat..
admin pulak buat silap...
aku xlarat dah nak stay 3pm im out of the office..
ikot DD cari supplemant for Shrekk and Shaloh..
g Midvalley..sold out..
g uptown lama nye pet shop...sold out
finally g ikano..dapat pun..itu pun aku tunggu kat bawah, DD g atas beli sebab susah sgt nak jumpa parking..
p/s uya sowela aku tak g pyramid.malas nak terserempak dengan "the other side"
(sedara yang tuuttt)
after that balik n ZzZzZz
tapi tak sampai sejam my aunty called
"Jom la g makan kat klang.i nak introduce u ngan my bf"
"erk..xtau lagi sebab dah janji ngan DD nk bawak dia g alter jeans kat uptown"
"alaaa g la dulu tak pun bawak je DD skali"
"emm ok i'll confirm again"
then i setuju la g klang..n i bawak DD sekali..
so 5 altogether..BB, DD, kak cik, maksu n uncle jak(paksu wannabe)
g makan kat Muara Seafood..
choices pun x banyak sebab dat time pun dah kol 1am..
sebat je ape yang ada..hehehehe
pastu at about 3 am BB n DDn kak cik went to uptown..
i pun xlarat dah nak jalan2..minum aje sementara tunggu jeans siap.
pastu balik...
ehh lupe..arini birthday abie..
"happy birthday kekasih lama"

Friday, July 24, 2009

.: iNsTant AcCesSoRieS :.

yesterday..suddenly my director called my manager and invite me and the other head for some kind of meeting..(and bring along the pending memo which i already prepared)
huh??kenapa la agaknye..aku ada wat silap meh?
i was so like "not having a formal attire" tapi takpela aku redah aje.
(sib baik aku bukan pakai selipar jepun cam kelmarin)
dengan red "mak ngah shirt" and a 3 quarter slack aku pun follow manager..

"so ila, u nak makan kat mane?"
actually i was't hungry..i just finished up a whole pack of nasi lemak with lauk paru..
so others said they wanna go to jaring.. (one of the nice place to eat)
great!makan free tapi dalam hati ni berdebar la jugak..
owh..i forgot the masa tunggu boss besar,
i bought this one long necklace..just to complete the style hehhe
:: the one i'm talking about..the price? priceless (LOL) ::
agak poyo..but mange to get much attention in the office.
owh n the discussion???
its PNC

Thursday, July 23, 2009

.: LoVely LoVe qUoTeS :.

i read something like this in my dear Ain's blog which wrote:
"Love comes to those who still hope even though they've been disappointed, to those who still believe even though they've been betrayed, to those who still love even though they've been hurt before.."
it is so touchable..
but no is in the air!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

.: fAuX EyeLaShEs :.

Faux eyelashes to me is soooo FASHION!!!!

i love them and they loves me..hehehe
..and in 5 minutes
feel like highlighting your eyes from the plain same face?..hakhak
i like the thick one most.. well, come n give it a try bebeh.

..and we're just the victim of the beauty madness..

CELEBRATE!!!! are the steps u need to apply this lovely little invention..

Step 1
Make sure your eyes are free from makeup and apply a thin line of black or brown eyeliner atop your lash line. This gives you a target for applying your lashes.
Step 2
Measure the width of the lash bands so that they match up to the length of your eyelids. You can trim them with a pair of scissors. Bend them with your fingers so they will conform to the natural curve of your lids.
Step 3
Apply a thin line of adhesive along the lash band, and wait a few seconds for the glue to become tacky. Then, press the lashes on right above your natural lash line, starting from the inner corner of your eye and working outwards. Keep your fingers holding them in place until they set. If the glue seeps out a bit, it’s okay because it will dry clear.
Step 4
Take your eyelash curler and curl your lashes and false lashes together so that they join together.
Step 5
Apply a coat of mascara and you’re ready to go.
Step 6
For removal, apply some eye makeup remover to a cotton ball and let it soak atop your eyelid before peeling them off.
i usually dont do stp 4 and 5.. i mean since we have those fake lashes..
do we really need mascara?? hehehe..
:: owh.. i want this!! ::

:: and this ::

:: and soooo this ::

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

.: pEniNg kAh?? (in Anna intonation) :.

When two people fall in love, they only see sunshine and rainbows when they look into each other's eyes.
If you asked, "What's the worst trait of your boyfriend or girlfriend?" they would answer, "Absolutely, positively nothing!"
Ask that same question a few years later when they're living together and have seen each other at their respective worst.

You'll get a pretty good list:
"She cuts her toenails on the coffee table."
"He speaks in a cutesy voice on behalf of the dog."
"She kicks me in her sleep."

Thats what i read in some sort of column of MSN.
Yeah..a bit true pun depends on you..
(in my head: 6++ years also could do nothing)

One of my friend said "It takes 7 years for you to actually get to know someone as a whole..if u survived then it will last forever"
Despite from knowing how my previous relationship ends..maybe its quite true..
It was like nearly 7 years where we end up like not knowing each other..
heheh...actually it takes a patience of only 4 months to survive..
my bad maybe..

Sucks!! but thats the reality..
"Pelamin Anganku Musnah" Hasz fav qutoes
"wat u give u get back"
(previously this quotes was used when DD refused to buy her keropok lekor..owh she he's nuts )
-the end-
this is neither happy nor sad ending..a.k.a BERCELARU
its not my bad hair day but crazy hair day..:P
and yeah! beautiful is too complex!!

.: FigHt foR oUr RiGhTs..LaNgKaSuKa :.

today i have a special task with my head of departments
invoice has been sarcastically amended by our greedy clients
so i am quarantined in the meeting room now
checking the files again and again..investigating..
quiet...slow but fun..
the bosses went out for meeting and the room is ours!!
ok..wat i did last nite was nothing..
still in the season of "find the hidden treasure"
and i watched this dvd of movie "Queens of Langkasuka"
the scenic views are cool but
WTF..the costumes and styles are all funny..
wat i mean funny here is..not purely Melayu kinda stuff and ways at all
Lucky the film was stuck in the middle..
hate it!
Because in my heart I am sooo Melayu..

Monday, July 20, 2009

.: sAtUrDaY aNd SuNdAy :.

its a fine day..n my half fun day hehehe..
im having good time with DD, rezal, aliff, sher and peman..
i spent the whole evening playing "find the hidden treasure"
at night ktorg g makan kat malee Taman Bunga Raya..
2 kereta dan rezal telah membawak kami ke route yang mengundang kesesatan
akhirnya kami selamat sampai setelah masuk ke lorong motosikal serta perjalanan yang hampir sejam..
(rezal telah selamat dibelasah oleh aku)

pastu kiteorg teruskan dengan acara rasmi "Bapuk Addict Club"
tgk bapuk di Lorong Haji Taib
dan kecewa...sebab dah hampir xde bapuk lgsung kat sana..
(maybe sebab ada balai polis bergerak kot)
pastinya bapuk2 tu rindukan Viva kami.. :(

harini arm BB n DD bawak arm g flea market..
tgh2 siap joe pulak nak tunggu dia terus kat sana..
amcorp mall as usual...awesome!!!
banyak benda yang aku nnaaaakkkkk beli tapi xleh beli lagi..
hehehe...tgh bulan maaa kena berjimat sket..
what i love about flea market is those antique collectibles...

sgt inspiring n menyeramkan hehehe!!!!

pastu nak kena antar joe g kajang..dia nak balik Terengganu..
on the way to hentian putra kiteorg g makan kat Kg Baru..
Terima Kasih incik joe sebab belanja kami makan...
pastu ... aku terdengar hentian kajang???
hakhak...aku mati2 igt hentian putra.. laju2 la aku bawak keta ke kajang..
sblm naik bas kiteorg lepak minum lagi..
(kenyang air aku spanjang ari ni)
pas selamat incik joe naik bas kiteorg gerak balik...
tapi!!!!kiterog xbalik..tapi g pulak uptown damansara..
mmg xreti penat makhluk ni sme..
(termasukla aku)
pusing punye pusing kol 2 baru balik..
keimpulannye aku sgt ngantok di opis arini

Friday, July 17, 2009

.: aLoLo.. cOmEy NyE DiA Ni :.

OMG this little baby is really cute..
actually this is my staff's daughter..ada sape2 nak kenen ngan anak2 masing?
she is just 7++ months..
i wish my baby would be as cute as this..hikhikhik
:: baby siti nur alya amanie ::

:: mcm posse aku tido je ni LOL::

p/s- dia ni sangat comel..aku rasa cam nak lempang je hakhakhak

Thursday, July 16, 2009

.: aKu KeNa tAg..TAG tU hApE?? :.

hak hak hak ..nah jawapan utk memuaskan nafsu tag korang...
terima laah....

1. Bekas kekasih saya adalah:
seseorang yang ingkar dengan ikrar cinta kami...pengkhianat!

2. Saya sedang mendengar:
orang memaki hamun dari loud speaker staff ku

3. Mungkin saya patut:
lempang je dia ni....

4. Saya suka:
masak sebab DD akan makan banyak bila aku masak..aku pun makan banyak jugak kalau aku masak sendiri heheheh

5.Sahabat-sahabat baik saya:
di kalangan orang2 yang cantik saje

6.Saya tak paham:
kalau org yang ske gelak tanpa sebab (contohnye DD) penyakit ke tu? (tapi DD mmg sgt cool!)

7.Saya kehilangan:
diri saya tahun lepas.tapi sya dah beli yang baru hehehe

8.Ada yang berkata:
saya patut lupakan dia...hell!!! memang Harus! (sgt benci)

9.Makna nama saya:
wanita paling terhebat dia abad ini...(LOL)

10.Cinta itu adalah:
DD yang terbaikkk!

11.Di suatu tempat, seseorang sedang:
menghitung hari...Go to hell!

12.Saya akan cuba:
buat ape yang saya dah rancang supaya mission accomplished!

13. Ayat SELAMANYA membawa maksud:
mcm ending cite kartun! aku benci "live happily ever after" (mcm dalam album aku buat tu)

14.Telefon bimbit saya:
dah rosak hehehehe...

15.Bila saya terjaga dari tidur:
saya marah sebab rs cam baru 5 minit tido...aku perlukan tido yg berkualiti hukhuk

16.Saya paling tak suka apabila:
orang tiru ape yang saya suka..lebih2 lagi org tu saya mmg x minat..bwekkk!!

17.Pesta/Parti adalah:
sangat busuk! (kecuali birthday party aku)

18.Haiwan yang paling comel yang saya pernah temui ialah:
bull frog..sgt comel dan berlendir..(;P)

19.Peringkat umur yang paling menyeronokkan bagi saya ialah:
tua..sebab dah banyak benda xpayah nye kalau dah tua pegi honeymoon..shooo romantic!!

20.Hari ini:
saya try buat ape yang staff saya buat...sgt lawak dan menyakitkan hati

21.Malam ini saya akan:
main game carik barang..YAHOOO!!!! (pembetulan:pesta durian..busuk tapi sedap)

22.Esok pula saya akan:
pegi keje lbt..nak kena g bank..urusan syarikat :) boleh bgn lbt yeahhhh!

23.Saya betul-betul inginkan
Jawapan aku lagi best dari by n sue...Kehidupan yang sgt hebat lagi terpaling bahagia!!

24.Ketika anda lihat wajah anda di hadapan cermin pagi ini:
Alamak aku lupa pakai bulu mata aku lagi!!!dh lambat ni..

25.Pusat membeli-belah atau arked permainan:
lebih rela arked permainan..kalau shopping mall sgt memenatkan aku melayan DD

26.Makanan Barat atau Jepun:
Makanan BERAT (dan berzat)

27.Bilik yang terang atau gelap:
gelap (tapi hatiku terang ye cuma malas sket heheh)

28.Makanan segera adalah:
yang banyak MSG..tapi MSG adalah makanan kegemaran DD.

29.Ayat terakhir yang anda katakan pada seseorang?
ko biar betul bos...

30.Siapa yang anda nak Tag?
aku nak tag bos aku tapi dia takde aku tag..LYNN!!!!!

.: xDe LetRik??..:.

today i went a bit late to the office...
semua gara2 DD yang mengalami kelemauan badan akibat demam..
actually he should have MC but i force him to go to the office..
there are urgent works to be done of his part..
the topic is not actually about DD but about my staff..
3 of my staff is EL today..
i met them at the elevator with sullen face..
i asked them why they are here?
(since they r wearing jeans and without scarf)
the topic today is actually related to them..
They are EL because their house was blackout..
All three of them not coming?? the whole day??
So now i understand with the sullen face..
Their head wanted them to be in the office after lunch hour..
Kesian tapi padan muka!!
Come on la adik2..According to the SLA made by TNB within 30 mins -2 hrs the power line will be fine unless its about your bad debt.. :p
Then..for God sake..takkan satu baju pon xde yang x payah gosok..
kalau tak ada air akakk boleh maafkan ok..
SO the lesson is..even though youre renting a room or a house..
pay the bills and pls buy the correct fabric..which would be useful when ure troubled by blackouts!!!
ok..Internal memo now!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

.: aMmeNdMeNt...NO! :.

urrgghhh aku di paksa mengubah theme color engagement kepada yang asal
di atas sebab2 yang tidak dapat dielakkan..(agar tdk menimbulan kontroversi)
DD, kain purple tu jadik baju raye jela ek..
biar la glamer abes pun..

:: kain ini cantik dibuat costume bellydance kan.. ::

.: MaLaM aGaK pEnAt :.

im shooo shleepy today..
mlm tadi balik lbt..around 2AM
Smlm nye tido pun x cukup tapaw agik hukhukhuk
g umah Kak Rosie Rozi (Rosie adalah nick name mak aku) hakhakhak
actually umah cuzin DD
jumpa Mama Didi and few of his relatives..
mmg agak havoc..mcm2 cite ada..dari cite hantu sampaila ke daging salai masak lemak
Mama dah g bercuti all around Southern region so Putrajaya dah jadi last destination
(Showee Mama, BB xsempat bawak jalan2 n ronggeng2 hehehe)
so balik Mama bekalkan rambutan n kepok khas dari Terengganu
Yang buat lambat is actually jumpa Joe, DD's best friend..
He has a training at Country Heights so sampai Kajang umpama mengimbas kembali kenangan waktu ramajaku yang kutinggalkan 3 bulan lepas..
Uniten is soooooo......SUCKS MEMORY!
on the way balik i received a text from Alang.
"drive safely " katanya ada bas jatuh kat Kerinchi Link..
Bunyi agak ngeri..
balik lalu federal igt nak tgk lokasi kejadian tapi tersalah masuk jalan n burned singgit lima posen DD hehehhe..
balik aje ZzZzZzZ

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

.: kItE BaNned Dia..yEehAa :.

last nite i met cik by..
gossiping.. "Ya Allah ampunkanlah dosa2 kami"
tapi mmg la best sebab bukan niat nak kutuk tawww cuma kadang2 perangai org yang tak semenggah..suka nak menunjuk2..
(eh tu macam perangai bf aku) hakhakahak

Monday, July 13, 2009

.: bUaNg tEBiaT:.

ntah nape angin aku ngade sket arini..
right after lunch.. what i did was
i bought new accessories..(semua org tahu aku sshukaaaa acccessories kan?)
and go to sofea(one of my staff who is really good at cosmetics does) doing make up..
n wat else..FAKE EYELASHES!!!
kepada yang tak suka kepada keseksian ku..
jgn tgk lama2 ok..
i AM the HOTTEST ever Female Sapien!!! (statement agak marah)
ada yang tak puas ati meh??

.: jErUk??:.

oWh jeruk is not so my favorite ..
but thanks to arep sebab bagi aku a bowl full of jeruk
khas untuk HR manager katanya..
ni nak bodek cuti ke hape?

to cik by...aku tau ko hantu jeruk kan?? hakhakhak
sila lah meleleh air liouQ

.: RaHmAt Di SeBaLiK dUGaAn :.

i read this one book...the title is exactly like the topic..
"rahmat di sebalik dugaan" yes, im quite motivated by it..
so aku dah ambil iktibar semua yang berlaku ni ada rahmat nye..
aku pernah di forwardkan dengan satu email yang berbunyi camni lebih kurang
"When we request something to Allah, there will never be a NO answer.The answer that we will get are:
a) Yes
b) Yeas but not now
c) I have a better plan for you
Sungguh maha Pemurah sekali pencipta kita..
So aku motivate diri aku..dan cuba sesuaikan dengan yang di atas. jadinya, aku minta "DIA" tapi aku rasa jawapannya yang (C)..
kalau dulu kawan2 selalu cakap mulut aku masin..
kadang2 aku rasa bukan masin tapi Tuhan kan cakap setiap yang teraniaya tu doa nya makbul..
yup, aku terlalu percya benda tu sampai kadang2 apa yang terjadi kat org lain direlatekan dengan apa yang aku percaya.. (ini sangat terbukti ye)
kadang2 aku rasa tak baik doakan yang tak baik pada orang
tapi kadang2 hati aku ni yang bercakap sendiri..dan mungkin terjadinya doa itu
aku selalu pesan kat org jangan buat pasal dengan aku..
nnt aku termintak yang tak baik..
aku bukan witch tau.. tapi bila aku dah mengalirkan airmata maknanya aku dah terluka
bila kau dah terluka aku selalu pikir yang bukan2
bila aku pikir yang bukan2 aku selalu nak org yang buat aku tu dibalas setimpal dengan sakit aku
ape2 pun.. meh sambung baca buku tadi.. :)

.: HaLf dAy FuN Lagik

smlm pas balik dari umah mak aku..aku n DD n alang n girl g kl
on our way maksu called and said she's in Kajang looking for Kamdar..
I said lets meet up in KL but then she was there earlier..maybe she and her new BF have other plan.. *wink*
SO our destination is Sungei Wang..
for the sake of looking for his "so called rare" cap..
i need to find another sandals..penat giler..
at last..i got one pair of "the sandals are made for walking non stop" and a striped halter neck.
..and of course DD got his new cap
right after that we went to see Papa..
Dah lama tak lepak ngan papa..

(org tua ni Xabes2 suh aku kawen)

well..after that we go back n thought of eating at cafe 14 but then it was closed..
alang suggested that we go to RASTA..
invited sumone tapi dia dah tdo..
makan2 borak2 then balik..early tapi dah xlarat terus
tdo sampai ke pagi
pagi2...liat nak g keje..
tapi kena g sebab ada presentation wit Avon..