Friday, April 30, 2010

.: pErSeDiAaN aWaL :.

hari ni hari percubaan..
dah rasa teringin..
jadi mulakan dengan yang ringkas dulu takut tersangkut di tengah jalan..
nnt org kata ape plak..
mula2 jalankan di pejabat..

::inilah hasilnya::

Thursday, April 29, 2010

.: UpDaTe BeTHa.. :.

the pictures below are the chronology of things happened since my last blog..

started with this pic..

ape laa nak jadi ngan staff baru aku ni..
nak tegur serba salah..moral nye tak perlulah nak pakai g-string ke tempat kerja unless ure wearing tight skirt..
tak seksi tapi agak sedikit sebanyak mengerikan..
what actually happened is the lace came out from her pants..
tak sesuai dek...
but i manage to actually brief them on the office attire..
sume dah paham??bagusss..

these are ichai's kids..remember?i used to keep him..
now he's married to jackel..whom actually her sister..
we gave them a visit at alang's house..
their names??erk..i dunno

::this is ichaii::

these pictures pulak..
the kudusamas i was planning to make for my wedding..not as this colorful..
ini hanya practical sahaja..
credits to riena for letting me using her origami pieces..

::thats my fair hand hakhakhak::

the picture below is the little girl i found in PPUM..
one of my staff was suddenly blackout in the office..
so kena bawa dia ke sepital secepat mungkin..
Alhamdulillah..arini aku tgk dia dah boleh lari2 dari satu meja ke meja yg lain..

finally, event yang membuat daddy panas..
the losing of barcelona to inter milan..
i told u wat,before we watch the match...they will only score 1-0..!!!

daddy said after this he'll never gonna bring me to any of his fav match..
he also said "mulut kamu tu jahat sangat!"
(saya tak jahat..saya cuma cakap awak yang lembik!!)

:: pic of sher, met her at Jamal's before the match::

itu sahaja..sekian terima kasih..

Friday, April 23, 2010

.: iTu BuKan HoNeYmOoN NaMeNyE yAnG! :.

reading of cik by's recent topic in her blog reminds me of wat happend yesterday..
i was having some chit chat wit daddy n other friends..
we were discussing on our trip to indonesia this end of year..

sembang punya sembang...

daddy said "aku nak g honeymoon nnt kat bali..kan mummy?" dia ckp kat kawan kami.
aku angguk je pale..(dalam hati sangat gumbira..tempat itu sungguh cantik..romantik n exotic)
i said "haah..yelah..baru la jiwang sket..honeymoon la katakan.."
then daddy look at me and said
"ehh tapi daddy bukan nak duk kat laut..daddy nak tengok kuil2 ngan tempat2 sejarah"

"plepetttt!!" haaaa kan dah kena tepuk dahi ko tu...honeymoon tidak sama dengan lawatan sambil belajar la!!!!sengal!

tapi when i did some review..the place i decided to go for honeymoon is..

Samui Island

Thursday, April 22, 2010

.: aKaK nAk MeNgOmeL NiH :.

owh..bilik dah berhabuk..vacum rosak...i shall find one sweet time to do sprint cleaning of my room..those unpacked stuff still ada at ceruk bilik..
camne ekk..sengal badan ngan otak bila pikir pasal bilik ni..

the idea of arabic theme utk bilik still tak nampak hala tuju hehehe..pemalas!not least i manage to get those small stuff arrange neatly..

this two creature reminds me of my past life..chewwahh mcm lahir kali ke dua pulak..yelah..i wished.arent they adorable..??hihi they have no name..only the bigger one..i called him bobo..he's looking after my workstation..thanks bobo!

nxt month my sister is getting engaged..which definitely will be the starting point of my preparation on our dream wedding..the plan goes like before..its black+pink..but this time i added one 2 more colors (sowee daddy..for being too creative hihihi) its now black+pink+white+grey..

my plan was starting to make our own flower balls..origami techniques..will make variety kudusama with various size..but of course they are pink n black in color..great!!konco2ku..marilah melakukan aktiviti berfaedah ini beramai2..

i've chosen my bridesmaid!!!they would BFFs..uya n sher n my favorite colleague rose n i dont think i need to advise them for diet programme since you all mmg dah looks great in your own figure! while for others not listed..please save the date..everyones are VIP in my event ok..

i read that the most useful tips of being bridesmaid were "always remember u're the slaveto do rehearsal " and, "never ever tries to sit down during the ceremony" and "eat less than the brides"..

ok..about office pulak,i was busy recruiting staff..which means, we have 40 plus new staff in hand i will super damn busy attending the sleep while typing "preparing offer letter" session..owh great..!

why is it so hard to see my big boss lately..i think he gone pening oledi dengan staff yang ramai...ketahuilah En M..sesungguhnya saya ini lebih la pening nya dari anda yang hanya datang sign cheque n invoices...poor me n cicin (our finance)

now i know why HR berwajah ketat (pengalaman dari previous emplyment)..i really learnt the lesson..sementelah wajah saya yang manis ini..telah menyukarkan saya mengeluarkan arahan kepada para staff..hukhuk..mereka tidak gentar langsung dengan warning letter saya..inilah masalah saya sebagai HR Manager buat masa ini. walaupun dgn kuasa superpower saya menolak gaji mereka yang datang lambat, still mereka tak mendengar arahan mana sih????pening lagi..

makcik, saya rindu awaklah..saya dengar makcik masak yang sedap2 utk keluarga makcik..nyum2..saya memang suka makan!! harap2 ada yang kesian boleh antarkan saya juga makanan yang bernama lazat itu..terima kasih!
-ini iklan sahaja..untuk Makcik M

mulai bulan hadapan saya berazam untuk membayar loan pendidikan saya..kepada YTN,MARA dan PTPTN..harap bersabar ye..saya bukan tak mau bayar tetapi saya belum merangka nisbah perbelanjaan saya lagi..terima kasih.
kepada collector2 yang cuba menjejaki saya..juga diminta bersabar,apa kata saya employ anda di company saya yang lebih menjanjikan masa depan yang gemilang??hehhe

sekarang pegi keje gembira..tidak gundah gulana..daddy ada menemani!!but i wont have the chance to stalk this cute fuller anymore..:( why this fuller??adalah..sesuatu yang lama tak nampak..serupa lah macam dia!

oklah..sekian sahaja buat masa ini.. i bet u must be really bored reading all this junk..what about some pictures???have fun!!

itu ajaaa dong!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

.: kErAnDa ?? :.

actually kami (me n daddy n alang n mar) went to the coffin exhibition held at the national museum..
sib baik weekend tak berapa ramai...
so some snap shot via my mobile phone..
yang from dslr akan di upload kemudian ok..

::14K gold plated coffin of easy-e (bone thugs n harmony member) ::

:: yang paling menggerunkan..mayat atas pokok ni! ::

eh lupa lak..pas g muzium..m n daddy n kakcik n syasya balik kg di kuala pilah n9
gambarnye akan di upload juga kemudian

Friday, April 09, 2010

.: nExT!!..:.

adoii..pening nye kepala..
walaupun tak ramai yg datang for the position im in charge with tapi the new office is really cold la bos..akak tak laratttt..
selsema menjadi lebih tak baik..
esok pulak ada lagi walk in from 10 to 4..mau nye pingsan dengan hingus mengalir..euwww!!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

today..i was infected with flu virus..
sneezing n runny nose..sgt tak selesa..
but daddy has invited for budu dinner tonite..
he'll be cooking daging n bakar cicah budu..
bertambah gatai la idung ni..

hopefully i'll be getting better by tomorrow..
we are having open interview!!!

.: oLd sKoOL cOsMoPoLiTaN :.

i am reading this book..

collection of the best articles from cosmopolitan magazines from 70's n 80's..
which was full of fun tips + nude models...hakhakhak..LOL~
i'll share some review tomorrow ok..

rentetan dari comment cik by (pinjam gambar mak ko ye uya)

gambar mak2 kite masa muda...patut masuk majalah ni..

::my mom::

::uya's mom::

update cerita "the best of cosmopolitan 70's & 80's"

mula2...lihat pic ni:

gempak sih..aku penah buat ujian menaip dpt 31 je hahaha

ini pulak jenis2 senaman leh buat masa kat opis..gilo ko?

this is a british airways ad:

as usual dorang ada tips..which caught my attention is this list..
in order of importance,most sought by men in their perfect woman the following attributes:
  • physical attractiveness
  • ability in bed
  • warmth and affection
  • social skill
  • home-making ability
  • dress sense
  • sensitivity to others needs
  • good taste
  • moral perception
  • artistic creativity
owh im just perfect!!!hihi

nak beli lah..sauna suit tu..heheh:

another an article i found in there:
racism,sexism and ageism are all well known areas of prejudice. "sizeism" is so much part of our culture that we're scarely aware of it unless we happen to be on the receiving end,when we are likely to feel personal guilt instead of anger.being fat is not a big problem-people's attitude can well be
-carol wilson young-hood of my richard gere..awwwhhh!!u're hot!!

motor dulu2 memang honda:

caught my attention!!:

the most unbelievable am ong these are..this pic:

which actually a picture of some recipes...xleh blah nye..

actually there are loads more..but i dont think its essential to put in here..
ok..till then..

Monday, April 05, 2010

.: CiTe aKaK :.

cerita akak yang lepas2...
selalu nye akak buat cam summary..apa kata kali ni i buat yang mcm cerita lah..
ok..the story began somewhere in march..its thurday evening..
cik by menelefon ku..(yess!mesti nak ajak ketemu dan mengumpat bergossip2..)
hilang sket rasa boring bila daddy takde..mich u daddy!!
kami menghabiskan masa dan mengisi perut di d'tomato, area my office..
where after that uya lepak di rumah..
well, the gossiping activity continues at home..

**hell!.. still macam summary lah ini cerita.. :(

ok after that uya came out with some good belanja me makan..
ure the best uya!!! hakhkhak..
actually we are going to have some makan2 at klng..menemani her another friends whom i dont really now(her name is ina..n her bf is...erkkk i forgot..ampunn)..
together with her boyfriend..the handsome nazim..aww!!

since i already ate at d'tomato i just have some bites of their n all..
the pictures..:

after some this kind of makan2..we went to i-city since we figured out most of our colleague have been there..mana aci kalau dorang g kite tak g..hihihi
so..i-city is a colorful hot place..pluss to many peoples make the place hotter..
uya refuse to do wacky posse since terlalu ramai orang n dia takde geng..
takpelah uya..aku amik je gambar lampu yg tengah posing ni heheheh

okeh tu cite sehari bersama uya..
now it comes to beberapa hari bersama daddy di terengganu..
on our way to terengganu..ops ok the purpose is actually utk mengambil semula menjemput daddy pulang ke sisiku..chewahhh!
ok..on the way kami melencong sedikit ke pekan bagi meraikan raja sehari..encik hefzan n puan akmar norzie..
eventhough we're a bit late..the hospitality are great!..dapat akak makan ayam golek pengantin u..hehehe

ok.. the the jouney continues lagi to Kuala Terengganu but then we stopped at Cherating since my sis ada di sana..

*gambar tak upload lagi

finally we reached Kuala Terengganu at 11++ midnite...
borak2 sket ngan mama pastu ZzZzZzZZZZZZ..sangat penatlah!

gamabr2 yg di snap di terengganu adalah seperti berikUt:

bali ke kl bertemu kawan baik..encik cat dan ms mama nye..hikhik...
n wats more interesting..i ate telur penyu..
hey!! its not as bad as wat daddy describe..
rasa cam telur masin
btw thanks bangattt cat sebab belanja kami nasi kukus yang sodap dan berkhasiat tu..dan juga telur penyu tersebut dan juga kesemua gambar2 yang cat burn tu..

demikian sajalah cerita akak..heheh