Sunday, December 28, 2008

.:nU LitTLe cUte n SnOoZy BaBy LiZarD (IGu):.

Yesterday..i bought a new baby replace the late Shrek. Arh! DD tu dah nanges2 sampai meroyan nak igu baru..:P so i bought it for my childish bf..otherwise he'll goes sulking like a child if i didnt find a new igu for him :P

He/She we're not sure but lets call it he since Shrek is the ogre name in the movie is a he. hehehe.. he is so cute n so lazy to the character so dat he wont be too agressive when he gets bigger hehehe meaning easy to handle.

shrek is green in color but there are some kind or turqoish color on his head..yeah maybe because he is still small..the green color shows that he has enuff vitamins that he needs. but my bf is quite worry since shrek does not move his back legs..whenever he walks he only use his front he paralized at legs??NOO!!! we discovered he is just damn Lazy to move..hehehe

*My Shrek Jr!! *
I met again shrek cuz DD dah balik sini balik..urggh!!! Shrek is now suffering the same sindrom as mine!!! Shrek dah obese hahahha...i'll upload the new look of him.

Lucky last nite we went to Uptown wit ma new car..ehem2..:p then we met the guy that is specialist tak specialist he told dat Shrek is terlebih makan junk food which refers to the SUPPLEMENT given.
*The obese Shrek*

Then kaki dah boleh gerak2 sket..dats good..and dis morning he'd been trying to climb the so called dahan in the terrarium..tapi malangnye dia berat sgt hehhe..
Shrek is now having new problem..if before this legs then stomach n now..bone disorder..owh forgot to mention..shrek has already recovered from obesity.. :))..hey when is my turn???? LOL!!
*The skinny Shrek*

quite thrillfull for my DD to handle..sabar sayang!! u can handle it..DD kan sayang shrekk!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

.: i gOt a SpArKLinG giFt FoR ChRistMas:.

*i do not celebrate christmas*
but i just making it fun saying dat i got dis special gift on christmas..
it my new car and i named it VOODOO DIVA (cool huh??)

so both of us..sher n me would be driving these cute little car around
as per sher "dont mess wit this viva chick a boo" LOL!
so i've been trying to get done wit the 1000KM so bleh arr pecut laju sket hehe

*Sher's car in silver n mine in black*

i feel a lot better with this gift.. like wat my fren JOHN said.."its better if u have car, it will heal the broken heart" n yess! you're superb bro n your tip works for u!!

maybe this car is not so called "posh" for me..its fine..just suit me n the pocket flow.
i just need it for me to find for another job..
yeah there is star n storm its job hunting season going on for me now.

n im having so much FUNN!!!!!


today i'll be bringing voodoo diva to perodua service centre..its 1100KM++ and yeah its quite fast..i mean in just 10 days..hahaha..but wat is tiring we hv to wait there for like 3 and hlf hours since we didnt make any appointment. Thanks DD for stinging along in dat place wit me..

sitting there in the waiting room..i feel like being in the hospital waiting for some kind of operation..yeah my voodoo is admitted to such place actually.hey its car's world!!

and finally there'll be no more below 80km/hr anymore..Highway!!wait for me!!!FUN! FUN! FUN!

*my voodoo diva being serviced*

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

.:5 pLayFuLL KitTeNs bRinG ThoUSaNds HaPPinEsS:. only girl cat (named Baby) safely delivered 5 kittens which was quite "surprising"..credits to DD!!! he manage to handle the situation well for about 2 and half hours!!!!DD bidan the best dia alam smesta!!

*the little cuties*

The surprising term used here refers to a myth saying dat first time deliver for cats would only produce 1 or 2 BUSTeD!My baby is bringing 5 beautiful kittens to the world!!!

3 are plain white..and one wit 3 colors orange black n white n the last one is orange n white. Which we (me n my clan) conclude that oshin is the father of the kitten!!! once again it is so "Surprising"..WHY?? cuz we seldom see oshin do "that" to baby...most of the time would be the mr amnesia..=>>Gringe..OSHIN jantan terkuat abad ini hahah!!

*right after their birth*

House now is much lively i guess...but out of sorts..we might need to sell the kittens..we cannot afford to feed those cats n dont have nuff time for them which will leads to a messier n smellier crib!!!!!!!!!urggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

*the kittens wit their mom n ichai (most right)*

there is one more cute n sweet things happened..ochin as a dedicated father has been spending so much times with his kids..and seems like the little cute kids love him around..
maybe he is warm so its much comfortable..or is it ochin is just taking advantage sleeping at the kids place???
*ochin and anak2*

Saturday, November 29, 2008

.: wHy girLs NeeD gIrLs..? :.

girlfriends are extremity for me. i cant leave without my charming chums!!! i love spending times talking with my friends..they are like my walking diary..but much more useful cuz they respond!

gossiping is not my fav stuff..i dont talk about other peoples much. usually i talk about hardness my happiness my sadness..etc. luckily i have beatiful hearted friends..they listen n they understand where mostly bf wonts.

i think only girls know girls heart. are boys blind? they are not..but they are too busy upgrading their egos...!!!!

my beloved good friends!!!

.: Why i lurrrve SLEEPING..? :.

When you look in the mirror and you think you might need an “eye job”, maybe all you need is more sleep. Sleep is a necessary component of your body’s rejuvenation and its healing.

Don’t skimp. Think of sleep as the period when your mind is on its own, poking into thoughts you weren’t ready to think when you were awake. Dreams are how your mind tells you what you’ve learned that day. Use those 8 hours a night to expand your self-awareness.

And sleep on your back. Your mind will expand regardless of how you’re positioned; when you’re on your back, you’re showing the universe that you’re facing her head-on. And the universe rewards you by keeping you neck as smooth as a Trumpet swan’s.

If you have problems relaxing so you can sleep and dream, try this:Use lavender oil in your bath water, or drizzle lavender oil on a hanky and place it inside your pillow. Lavender promotes sleep-inducing alpha waves.

.: My PlaYfuL KiDDos :.

4 naughty and funny cats..3 boys and a "soon a mother" girl..are all now staying wit me. in a house of 2 and with our working shift dat is 12 hours a day..the house is now smells like S***.
me n sher (my housemate) been like hollering everytime we reached home after working.
the papers+the table clothes+the key boxes+even the kettles are everywhere..yet we're so tired to clean up..looking at each other then we're like "urgghh..we'll do it later" it takes a week to fix the smell and just a minute for them to make it theirs again!!!

here are they: my naughty n precious cats oshin + gringe + baby + ichai

Friday, November 28, 2008

.:WhAt HuRts ThE MoSt:.

Boy, it's been a long time
Since the last time I saw you
Feels like nothin' changed
Since we've been together
I must admit that I go crazy 'bout you

And I can see it in your eyes
That there's somethin' you want to say to me
'Cause usually right now
You'd be holdin' on to me
But instead you're tellin me

Things have changed, they're not the same
And recently you found someone that you
Decided to dedicate your whole life to
And what we had has got to be through

And baby, what hurts the most is letting go
I just want you to know that I love you so
I know things are different now, you've gone and settled down
And I thought for sure you'd always wait for me

I hate that there is someone new
Comin' in and takin' my place
Doin' the things that we used to do
And makin' love to you

And .. what am I supposed to do
It's killin' me 'cause I want you
And you should have known my love was true
And there's no one else in this world for me but you
I know that I'm the one to blame for losing you,
I really, really wish that I could be happy for you
There's just one thing I need you to do
Don't you touch her like you used to touch me
Don't you love her like you really need me
Don't you love her like you used to love me

Monday, November 10, 2008

.: i'M aDDiCted tO bEaDs :.

since i was little..i love colorful things especially beads..even my cousins said i was a bohemian LOL!! but wutto do..i love me with watever!
i used to make my own necklace..bracelet..n decorate my stufff wit beads..
owh beads..irresistable!! im a beadlicious!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

.:uNpREdiCtaBLe LuVs oF mY LiFe:.

Wings To Fly

How can I always lend a hand
But ignore the cries within myself
It brings me joy to bring you a smile
But my emptiness still sits up on the shelf

Inside my heart will always bleed
But I will never let it be shown on my face
Only the tear that falls down my cheek
Will give you a glimpse, a shadow, a trace

I suffocate when I try to breathe
The chains you gave won't let my body go
I have dreams, and needs, and wants
My body is numb, I think maybe you should know

I struggle with my demons each day
You feed them while you slowly watch me die
Please let me be and please set me free
I want to smile as I look up at the sky
I want the moon to brighten the night
I want the clouds to pass me on by
I want the stars to guide me to heaven
And I want wings to life me and fly

Monday, July 28, 2008

.: wHy iT haPpeNed LasT NitE:. sorry about last nite..
i should have not listen to my heart..
if i could turn back time i might have hold u tight..

i know its your birthday..
i cant be so mean that i want u away..
but it's much hurting when i heard wat u say..
is it really that there's no more love to stay..

abie..i hope u can listen my heart..
its so painful so that i cried..
i hope you take back your word last nite..
because when u say u dont love me...i know u lied..

even i started the end story..
i tot u might come back n find me..
but i didnt see that happened yet..
maybe you have started to forget..

i listened to our song everyday..
hoping that if u listened to them you'll always remember..
i dont love u for anything else but just the truly you..