Thursday, July 29, 2010

.: sTiLL GoT tHe bLuEs :.

sangat layan, dengar puluhan kali..hingga menitiskan airmata...hmmm watever!

.: ..aPe NtAh .. :.

ok its not so fine today..
while i was googling sweet centerpieces for my big day,
i have a f**king arrogant caller talking to me..*stressed*

this afternoon daddy called and said he went half day..
demam katanya, so after send him some lunch n obat..i pegi keje..
so my routine everyday is wake up in the afternoon, back home at 12, sleep til the next noon..
hahaha..dats the reaason why i feel like the time passed so damn fast!!

this weekend we are planning for some kinda camping somewhere
urghh hutan means menyeramkan macam cite wrong turn..
i've watched the wrong turn 3 but biasalah the 1st would be better..
i cant wait to watch the wrong turn 4..

left 4 dead..well which is also a pc sayang played one..
its slightly about a mutate human eating creature live in the thick forest
where usually travellers couldnt get any signals.. (cliche)
or maybe because they dont have the digi man there..
tapi kepada yg suka muntah2 darah sila jgn tgk..sebab ia agak mengglikan n meloyakan tekak anda hoccay..

owh lets get back to the camping thingy..
its dis weekend..heheeh
owh before dat, enjoy dis song..

its zee avi's "Just you and me"

next week we have some a dinner for night shift team..since they are done with the day team of Bollywood theme..
which was great because so far i knew that they will be giving a mp4 as door gift..
cool huh!tapi sure la cikai one hakhakhak
and love the theme..

Friday, July 16, 2010

.: wHuT HaPpEnEd La wEi???! *&^! :.

hey ya all!!
i know its like century i didnt come up with any news..
alots of things happened which actually i dont have the mood to write in..
(tulaaa yang hangpa dok peram sume cite apa pasai..yeah my fault) wats left behind was the updates of our 3 fishing + camping trip+..the eclipse vacation..the balik kg thingy.. the new job (this one is really pnc).. the hantu2 things..the fifa things..the bad things..the good things.. the watever many actually hehehe
ok the most exciting of all is just my biggy day..

im wondering whether i need to follow wat daddy planned..
he wanted to wear all white suit (urghhh sooo snoopy doggy) tak macho langsong!
but then as for me i might go for white too..but more lacey...sexay...juicy..
sooo cant wait!!!
i dont wanna look similar to the background..i mean the black and pink..
and for god sake daddy insist to wear his sneakers..watever la yang berbahagia..
it is acceptable so far..
btw the hall has been booked..
so im unofficially invited everyone to my wedding ceremony..
on 6th march 2011
location-err..a hall in putrajaya..i'll get the address worries..
preparation?hahaha..10%..not even reached..mampos!
i need more peace n relaxed time to draft the blue prints..
maybe at any private beach house..or an expensive chalet on the mountain will do..
yeay..perasan bangat lho dong!
nnt la..i'll find some time with my sister, whom is also gonna be the 2nd couple of the day.
pastu kami boleh lumba buat!!!
i wanted 8 kids!!!!!!!!-
pls grant my wish..the more kan the merrier!!

Monday, July 12, 2010