Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hello again..

Another event to update..a recent event which popping on my mind first..

A visit to Bali 2014.. an agreement to an Annual visit.
Bali..Im in love...

Before I post, read this carefully
I might look some pounds down, thanks to GoPro!!!

 This is where we stay.. Kuta Hotel and Spa. In the middle of busy Denpasar City.
5 minutes walk to Kuta Beach

And here is where we went... Tadaaaa

:: Uluwatu for Kechak Dance on Sunset ::



:: The royal Temple ::
 :: Tanah Lot ::

 :: Ubud ::
:: Kintamani ::

 :: Sukawati (Shopping) ::

 :: The Monument of Bombing Event in Bali ::

 :: Bedugul ::

:: Batik Bali Demonstration ::

:: Kopi Luwak Demonstration :: 

 :: Tampak Siring (7 Holy Spring) ::

 :: Looking for hot Surfers and this is their Best of The Day Deal (LOL) ::

Sekian,,Guwe kangen sama Lho.. :(

p/s i'll add up some info on next posting..till then..daaa